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Those who we are forever indebted to for their valuable donations!  

Ivan & Divy Alfonso
Carole and Russ Saucier
Brian and Jeni Graybeal
Jim Flaherty
Cheri Smith
John Brookes
Jennifer Periat
Tory Klementsen
Duvan Martinez
Jennifer L McKee
Therese Kopiwoda
Darrell Laney
William Flynn
Karen Newton
Donna Keene
Camlon Reptiles
Desiree Wong
Jeffrey Sarlo
Cheryl Dodes
Christopher Allen
Greg White
Candy King
Rich Zuchowski
Kim Carney
Julie Maguire
Joan Lagan
Gordon Nelson
Carl Pendell
Lyndsay Rodgers
Robyn Markland
Alison Damore
Christa Santiago
Portia Neff
Marcus Quesada
Alta Brewer
Sharon Meeks
John "Colby" Billingslea
Ira and Taina Caplinger
The McMurray Family
Linda Williams
M. Schuller
James Lewellen
Virginia Sanders
Josh Hannum
Amy West
Mark & Jo Lee
Edward Pollak
Laurie Squire
Victor Pomel
Glenn R Bartley
Napa Valley Snake
Robert Beaulieu
Reptile Depot
Paul Rattay
Ronald Keller
Amanda Hoffman
Dana Pennebaker
Ira and Taina Caplinger
Vertebrate Natural History class at Taylor University Upland, IN
Jan M. Reber
Chris & Kathy Whelply
John Letcher
Christi Christianson
Dean Toews
Javier Acevedo

Scott Ladd
Rachel Rice
Gene Arthurs
Lily Maase
Patricia Osborne
Frances Luedeking
Melissa Carlson
Kristine Ambroson
John Phillips
Cheuk Wai Chong
Paul Butler
Deborah Patrick
Alan Mautino
Pat Cate
Mark & Jo Lee
Gerald O'Hara
Jan Orcutt
Judeth Fitch
David Sugar
Jane Billette
Allen Salzberg
Holli Rowland
Kathryn Tosney
Keith House
Jennifer Reyher
Susan Finnegan
Barbara Knoll
Nadine Babin
Laura Gomez
Nancy Latthitham
Janice Freas
Connie Pollock
Casey Hulse
Mike Moran
Elizabeth Lowell
Pun Tsu
John Glades
Angela Steffke
Lois Cooper
L&D Rosenblum
Kim Scott
Andrea MutzMercier
Phil Averbuck
Antigone Means
DS Klens-Bigman
Jennifer McCord
Cherles Wright
Steven Reecy
David Barrows
The Pettiway Family
Mrs. Bruce Edwards
The Chambers Family
Lori Gilbert
Kelly Sharp
John Jenkins
Penny Barnes
Paula Morris
Bob Smith
Catherine Cohen
Mike Anthony
J. Melissa McQuaid
Todd Reinhardt
James Bryan Reptiles
Chris Whelpley
Robyn Markland

Michigan State University's College
of Veterinary Medicine
(students and faculty)
John Castellanos
Andrew Tatler-Burgess
Judy Schloss
Chicago Reptiles
Cathy Pardue
Stephanie Zimmerman
Janet Calp
Melissa Kaplan
Allyson Henry
Tonya Tolbert
Sei Do Kai
Kevin Dunne
Sam Chilcutt
Terri Bass
Regal Reptiles
Paula Morris
Lindsay Pike
Brian & Crissy Miller
Phillip Pengelly
Shauna Avalos
Joseph Dembinski
Stephanie Shaver
Owen Srour
Jarrod Perry
Scott McEwen
Craig Rostad
Kim Waggie
Mary Rooney
Michael Horlick
John Svalina
Kenneth Ledyard
Bob Duley
Brian & Crissy Miller
Paula Morris
Albino Tricolors
Lise Leigh
Robert and Dawn Gerhardt
Jennifer Sviridenko
Cindy Costantinou
Marty La Prees
Shanna Jack
Carol B. Cranney
Allison Banks
Senesco - North Kingston R.I.
Beau Hannum
Kim Lewis
Gary Picone
Armstrong Cricket Farm
Cindy Harrington
Alison Cheskis
Gary Hardin
Matt Jillson
Audrey Leslie
Teresa Gosse
Harry Eisenmann
Tad Fitzgerald
Eric Laguna
Louise Sugar
Bill Shanahan
The Classy Lizard
Golden Iguana
Delinda Sterling



The following people have really gone out of their way to assist us and deserve to be acknowledged for their efforts. Thank You for everything you are doing!

Cheri Smith and John Brookes of ReptileRooms
Jeff Barringer and the Kingsnake Staff
Desiree Wong of Herp Vet Connection and Beachy-Iguana
Carole Saucier of Reptile Care
Jennifer Periat 3rd year vet med student MSU
Allen Salzberg of Herp Digest
Regal Reptiles for providing herp food and help for Gina's collection
Jane Billette and Steph Beiser of Mid Michigan Herp
Jennifer & David Harrell
Bob Smith, Chairman International Fauna Society
John P.Castellanos for the use of his photos
Jennifer Swofford of Basking Spot

To the Doctors, Nurses, Nursing Supervisors, Pharmacy, Admitting, Unit Secretaries, Environmental Services, Central Sterile, and all other Departments at Kent County Hospital in Warwick, RI... To the Doctors, Nurses, and all other Departments at Gina's current hospital... To all of the people that were at the night club that came to the aid of Gina and the other victims of this fire... Words can not describe the debt of gratitude so many of us feel. God Bless You All!

To "The Girls" Renee works with and clients at Salon Dejavu for their generosity and understanding. Also to Peter Morris and his coworkers at Smart Management.