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  Donated Reptiles and Items For Sale

Premium Blend Cricket Gutload donated by

Every person that makes a donation of $50 or more will receive a free bag of cricket food. Please email a copy of your PayPal receipt along with your shipping address to to receive your gutload. This offer is only good in the lower 48 States. Hawaii, Alaska, and other countries can receive the free gutload offer with addional paid shipping to

*Mother & Baby* giraffes donated by Darry Conner

We have 10 signed and numbered black and white prints of an original pen and ink drawing by Patrick Sawyer that mat/frame to 16" x 20". Patrick's work was chosen for the first of state Oklahoma Duck Stamp 20 years ago. He's also done other wildlife paintings and produced many signed & numbered prints of other pieces of his artwork. is the url for his winning duck stamp painting.

$25 ea includes domestic US shipping.

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 Fauna Magazine
The Official Magazine of the
International Fauna Society

Fauna will donate 20% of all revenue received from NEW members to the society who mention Gina's name. Subscribe by clicking the banner or call Jim Walsh at 631-231-2914 x 227.

This ROCKS! Fauna is one of the finest magazines out there so be sure to take them up on this offer!

14 kt Gold Octopus With Cultured Pearl Pendant
and 10 kt Serpantine Choker by Penny Barnes

This is a beautiful set that comes with an extra cultured pearl in case the original ever get's lost. The choker is 16 inches.

Minimum Bid $75

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Custom Get Well Cards and Limited Addition Prints by

HerpArts.Com has created the following four 4" x 6" hand-made greeting cards just for Gina. Envelopes are of course included. The inside of the card is blank for your own personal message. You pick which cards or card you want!

The cards come in packs of four, $20.00 a package, Two, $12.00 a package, or one $7.00 each. Proceeds benefit the OrnateSky Fund and Herp Digest!



Please Help Us With Items for Donations

Please feel free to email us with a description of any item(s) you may wish to donate to Gina's fund. We ask that animals be kept with the present owner until they are purchased. This will ensure that each animal receives the proper care until it is sold and also elimates additional stress from multiple shippings. Other small items can be shipped to us so we can photograph them or you can submit photos of the item and ship directly to the buyer. Please be accurate in your descritiptions and include the item's value to assisit us with our listings.

Complete List of Donated Animals and Items To Date 

2 Nosy Be Panther Chameleons
Donated by Mythical Chameleons

 Coral Bearded Dragon
Donated by Sundial Reptiles

 Uroplatus henkeli
Donated by

 PogosPal Turtle
Donated by Indiana Turtle Care

 Hand Made Lizard Hammoks
Donated by Classy Lizard

 66% Het for Piebald Ball Python
Donated by H.C.E.

 1.1 Leopard Geckos
Donated By Teresa Gosse

 4 Acanthinurus Uromastyx
Donated by Audrey Leslie

  66% Het for Piebald Ball Python
Donated by H.C.E.

Mexican Hognose Snake
Donated by John "Colby" Billingslea

 Reptile Mandala Shirt
Donated by Paula Morris

 Uroplatus fimbriatus
Donated by

 Panther Chameleon
Donated by AB Herps

 Mader's Reptile Medicine and Surgery
Donated by Reptile Rooms

 Premium Blend Gutload
Donated by

 Male Sandfire Yellow/Orange
Donated by TnC Beardies

Gold Octopus with Pearl Necklace
Donated by Penny Barnes


Fire Tiger Bearded Dragon
Donated by Reptile Care

 10,000 Crickets
Donated by Arstrong's Cricket Farm

 Custom Jewelry Set
Donated by BC Reptiles

 Fat Tail Gecko
Donated by Scott Ritz

 Team Cricket T-Shirts
Donated by Reptile Rapport

 Hypo Snow Yellow Pastel X Pastel
Donated by T&L Dragons

 3 Crested Geckos
Donated by Dragon's Den

 Ornate Uromastyx
Donated by Lindsay Pike

Shipping Terms For Reptiles - Please Read!

 Some donated animals are being dropped shipped by the owner when you purchase them to avoid adding extra stress to the animals from multiple shippings. They will explain their shipping conditions to the buyer. Any restrictions such as temperatures or locations will be listed in the ad.